Welcome to Chimino’s Island Lodge! Prepare yourself for the Ultimate Eco-Archaeological Adventure and enjoy the most pristine jungle, as natural as it gets! Let your senses flow as you are overwhelmed by nature all around you and enjoy the walk through this Maya city, “The Last Maya Outpost”, a fortified artificial island built by the ancient Maya to defend themselves during the terminal period of their occupation in this region.

Chimino’s Island Lodge is located in Punta de Chimino, on the beautiful
Petexbatun Lagoon in southeastern Peten, in the Guatemalan jungle. Chimino’s Island Lodge offers 5 comfortable mahogany bungalows, each perfectly blended into the rainforest and several hundred feet away from each other, so you can enjoy your own private jungle and the fascinating views of the Petexbatun lagoon. Each bungalow has a private en suite bathroom, hot water and is completely protected from the insects and other animals outside. You will be pleasantly surprised by the luxury and cleanliness that characterize Chiminos Island Lodge, an impecable setting that goes beyond what you may expect to find in the middle of the

  The property is crossed by pathways, where you will experience an intimate contact with the jungle, its impressive wildlife and the remains of a fortified Maya citadel, which are -for the most part- still unearthed. You will experience the efforts made by its last Maya occupants to protect themselves firsthand, through impressive defensive walls, pits and trenches. The citadel also has its own ball court and small palaces.